“Even though I taken many bodywork and sacred sexuality seminars it remains important for me to feel safe and supported in order to allow myself to be vulnerable and open. I was touched by the way David takes care of this, transforming the workshop room into a safe and sacred space with a strong respect for boundaries. It takes presence, flexibility and a lot of embodied skill to entertain a group of people who are practicing the flow of demonstrated techniques and still to be available to be by your side when called upon. I loved his sincere, yet humorous and playful way of bringing ancient wisdom combined with hands on bodywork. I would definitely recommend this Rivers of Love workshop, nurturing body and soul, to anyone. Thank you David!”

~ Steven Pauwels, founder of Scent & Sense, Poland and Belgium.

“My wife and I participated in David’s “Rivers of Love” bodywork class this fall and we both found it very useful and fascinating. David is a great teacher with lot of knowledge and experience in spirituality and bodywork. He creates a very open, relaxed and natural atmosphere in his workshops and it helps participants to learn new conscious body work techniques and get life changing experiences by releasing long held blockages. This course gave us new bodywork and de-armoring tools we still use to enrich our intimate life.”

~ Urmas Silman, Talinn, Estonia

“I’d like to let you know that my experience of your Rivers of Love class this year has had a powerful impact on my path of healing. Not only the knowledge you so thoughtfully shared with us, which has been a big support for me to open up and face myself, but also your presence, as you are, challenging fears and being willing to open.

Rivers of Love has given me a different perspective on love-making and helped me to combine two aspects that I already enjoyed a lot but hadn’t put together: giving and receiving love in a intimate moment combined with healing practices. Until taking this class, I couldn’t see this powerful connection and the amazing possibilities. Thank you for this.”

~ Juliana, Brasil & Sweden

“Last summer I attended David Bruce Leonard’s workshop, “Rivers of Love”. It was an amazing and intense experience. David is one of the most supportive teachers I know. Gifted and inspiring, he brings not only boundless, natural curiosity for life in all its aspects (literally) to the table, but also respect, creativity and a wealth of knowledge to help people feel their bodies and emotional limitations or unhealthy issues blocking the ability to give and receive love, restore self-connection and open to the flow of love and energy. His sensibility, compassion, patience as well as 100% presence makes him an outstanding teacher.”

~ Katarzyna Kate Idzikowska, Warsaw, Poland

“Our experience in David Bruce Leonard’s Rivers of Love class was a memorable and comfortable experience. We learned new techniques that have brought us closer in our relationship. The class itself had an easeful feeling and David and Sabrina Mata held a respectful container for exploration. We have recommended this class to other couples who have also enjoyed their experiences. If you are looking to experience further potential for sensuality and deepen your relationship we highly recommend taking the Rivers of Love class.”

~Steve & Melinda, Kealakekua, Hawai’i

“I am delighted to have attended David Bruce Leonard’s “Rivers of Love” intimate massage class. David creates a beautifully safe container for teaching sacred erotic play between couples. His presentation, drawing from diverse traditions, is simple and accessible for beginners. And yet I learned so much, even though I have been a Tantra and intimacy educator for years. What a great way to spend a weekend, deepening my appreciation for the healing power of sacred and conscious touch!

~ Howard W. Morningstar, M.D., Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, Ashland, Oregon

“I can’t recommend David’s teaching enough. He’s a true master at his art and he does his own inner work to continue to hone his being which comes forth in his offerings. I took this workshop and am still learning the lessons. His book is a whole other mastership…’How to Worship the Goddess and Keep your Balls.’ Great for both men and women.”

~ Ed Fell, ManKind Project Leader and Founder of Path to Mastery, Maui, Hawai’i

“Rivers of Love is a sacred bodywork ceremony that worships the Goddess within and without. The unconditional love that is filtered through nurturing touch and intimate connection unlocks the subtle and gross layers that block our somatic and emotional connection to the Divine. After the Rivers of Love training, I was able to feel more sensation in my body and could allow myself to receive much more ecstatic pleasure. Since then, my life has begun to unfold from the inside out; the truth of who I am and my purpose has begun to manifest with much more ease and joy. This class is perfect for any couple who desires intimacy, while experiencing a gentle yet powerful opening to access union with their partner. David does a remarkable job of creating a strong and safe container for everyone. I always felt incredibly respected in a very safe environment that honors and respects the natural boundaries of each person.”

~ Jodi Baygood, Relationship Coach and Certified Alison Armstrong instructor, Hawaiʻi

I found the Rivers of Love training a wonderful experience, on many different levels: a spiritual, shamanic and sexual awakening and deepening. It was deeply empowering and healing to share this experience with my beautiful partner, to look into her eyes as we embraced. I felt fully met, respected, and honored in my power as a conscious sexual man. The practice of Tiger & Silk especially touched me very deeply. To dance between the polarities of great strength and great tenderness, to massage with power and also with compassion, this felt so powerful to give and also to receive.

~ Mark New, London, UK

“The Rivers of Love workshop was an experience of pure joy and bliss! You guided us beautifully through the class, creating a sensual and vivid energy field, which empowered me to receive wisdom and healings on so many levels. Weeks later I am still feeling very moved. I was touched by the lovely energy and the openness of all the participants.  Thank you for this extraordinary journey, it was a pleasure to learn from you!”

~ Lilli, Berlin, Germany

“Rivers of Love is one of the most powerful, deeply sensual, and transformational techniques I have ever encountered.  David is a skillful instructor who allows the participants to not only learn a skill, but to open their energetic bodes more fully. His training in the Chinese medicine combined with deep tissue bodywork is a really amazing combination!”

~ Amara Karuna, Tantra educator, intimacy coach, creator of Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage, Ashland, Oregon, www.karuna-sacredloving.com