Are you willing to explore? Willing to discover?


About you? About your partner?


Are you willing to transform?


Relationship as a doorway into Emotional Integrity
Emotional Integrity as a doorway into Intimacy
Intimacy as a doorway into Profound Sexuality
Profound Sexuality as a doorway into Deeper Relationship


We offer customized individual and couple’s immersions that emphasize the rejuvenation of relationship as well as the reclamation of our birthrights of core intelligence, sexual awakening, and deep emotional integrity.


Jodi Baygood is an art therapist, certified Orgasmic Meditation coach and trainer, Alison Armstrong Mastery teacher who specializes in Gender Communication and Sexual Healing modalities.


David Bruce Leonard is the creator of Rivers of Love, (a system of intimate therapeutic bodywork for couples), international presenter, acupuncturist, martial artist, and author of How to Worship the Goddess and Keep Your Balls: A Man’s Guide to Sacred Sex.


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