Jodi Baygood believes in the extraordinary greatness of human beings.


As a yogini, humanitarian, art therapist, and mother, she has traveled the world exploring human cultures and seeking out the extraordinary.

Drawing from such diverse experiences as a solo journey around the world, living as a beggar in India for four years, teaching gender communication for Alison Armstrong, and producing classes in Sacred Sexuality, Jodi brings the vibrancy and richness of her passions to everything she does.

The world is her school and humanity is her extended family. Only teaching what she has personally experienced, she believes that ideas not grounded in the body and reality are of little value.

Jodi continues to stay active in her own personal transformation and is committed to living a life of creativity, love, service and fulfillment. She teaches workshops, has a thriving coaching practice, and leads private retreats for couples looking to revitalize their relationship.  She is passionate about partnership and guiding others to living their very best life.

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