Rivers of Love is ceremonial, therapeutic bodywork for lovers that is practiced in sacred space.


Rivers of Love is the result of more than twenty years of research in sexuality, gender psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, deep tissue bodywork, martial arts, and Daoist lovemaking. It is a system that uses our erotic life force to heal our body and spirit, bringing us ever closer to our partner. This work is designed to teach our partners and us to heal each other.

Our posture and patterns of muscle tension contain clues to the deeply ingrained habits of our mind and emotions. Our bodies contain memories that are locked into the musculature, scripted in our limbic system. When we are in highly aroused states, our physiology changes radically. In an aroused state, we can more easily access tissue that hold and perpetuate our patterns; this physiological shift can be a gateway into health and healing. Erotic energy combined with deep tissue bodywork can initiate profound changes in physical and emotional health.

This work is not based on “tantra”, an art that comes from Tibet and India. Most of the foundation material is derived from the centuries old healing systems of traditional Chinese medicine.

The Rivers of Love system is divided into Four Sections:
* Qi Release (Aroused Bodywork)
* Qigong (Aroused Breathwork)
* Energetics (Emotional Intelligence)
* Advanced Fusion and Integration Techniques

The Sacred Rivers of Love Qi Release basic ceremony is designed to bring Jing Essence (aroused energy that resides in the pelvis) up to Shen Spirit (Clear Spirit that resides in the Heart). Each step of the ceremony builds on the previous step, allowing couples to comfortably and graciously bond as one partner gifts the other with a profound gift of presence, nurturance, and healing.

Because Qi Release involves deep tissue bodywork, it feels wonderful. It becomes even more powerful when shared with a loved in a safe and strong container that is conducive to both learning and exploring.

The comfort of participants is our number one concern. Our workshops are for couples only. We pride ourselves on creating an emotionally safe environment and maintaining a strong respect for personal boundaries. Couples in our classes remain exclusive. Our focus is on healing our physical and emotional bodies, and bringing more joy into our lives.

This is remarkable work. If you are interested in deep healing for your body, becoming a better lover, or taking your relationship to another level, then you will find Rivers of Love an invaluable resource.




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