Rivers of Love is a system of sacred sexuality and emotional integrity: Intimate therapeutic bodywork for couples created and shared in sacred space.

Its foundation is derived from deep tissue bodywork, Daoism, Tantra, and traditional Chinese medicine.

A New Way to Use Sacred Sexuality Therapeutically:

Rivers of Love is the result of more than twenty years of research in sexuality, gender psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, deep tissue bodywork, martial arts, and Daoist lovemaking. It is a system that uses our erotic life force to heal our body and spirit, bringing us ever closer to our partner. This work is designed to teach our partners and us to heal each other.

Our bodies contain memories that are locked into our musculature and scripted in our limbic system. When we are in highly aroused states, our physiology changes radically. In an aroused state, we can more easily access tissue that hold and perpetuate our patterns; this physiological shift can be a gateway into health and healing. Erotic energy combined with deep tissue bodywork can initiate profound changes in physical and emotional health.

Safe Sacred Sexuality Workshops for Couples

Discover the founding principles:


Shadow Work

True intimacy cannot exist without clear vulnerability; we must expose ourselves and risk rejection. When we are grounded in ourselves, in a healthy relationship with a healthy partner, intimacy becomes a kind of nutrition.


Chinese Medicine

Are we the kind of partner we would want to have in a relationship? Are any of our past relationships failures? Perhaps, but only to the degree that we did not look in the mirror and walk our path with integrity.


Daoism & Tantra

In the practice of being present we deliberately suspend any agenda we might have and pay attention to the primacy and immediacy of our senses. We are simply present, observing our sensations without judgment. In that presence, we experience clearly how we show up in our relationship.


Aroused Bodywork

Touch from a lover that is safe, skilled, and respectful, permeates and nourishes our cells in every fiber of our being. When we are touched with a loving intention and a nourishing presence, our connection to our lover, and to the earth, deepen.

Meet founder David Bruce Leonard

David is an acupuncturist, tropical plant medicine specialist, martial artist, and author. Founder of the Earth Medicine Institute, David has practiced sacred sexuality all of his adult life. Rivers of Love is the culmination of more than twenty years of research in emotional integrity, sexuality, traditional Chinese medicine, deep tissue bodywork, martial arts, and Daoist practices. It is a system that uses our erotic life force to heal our body and spirit, bringing us closer to our partner.

First hand testimonials from students:

“I loved his sincere, yet humorous and playful way of bringing ancient wisdom combined with hands on bodywork. I would definitely recommend this Rivers of Love workshop, nurturing body and soul, to anyone.”

“David is one of the most supportive teachers I know. Gifted and inspiring, he brings not only boundless, natural curiosity for life in all its aspects (literally) to the table, but also respect, creativity and a wealth of knowledge to help people feel their bodies…”

“Our experience in David Bruce Leonard’s Rivers of Love class was a memorable and comfortable experience. If you are looking to experience further potential for sensuality and deepen your relationship we highly recommend taking the Rivers of Love class.”

This is remarkable work. If you are interested in deep healing for your body, becoming a better lover, or taking your relationship to another level, then you will find Rivers of Love an invaluable resource.